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Corporate sailing

„Only when you are together on one boat, you learn about people‘s true potential.“

Our clients usually keep coming back for more events as who tries sailing with us, finds a new love. We will organise a tailor-made race or sailing event based on your wishes and expectations of an unforgettable experience.

  • no previous sailing experience required
  • no limits for the number of participants
  • sailing is absolutely safe
  • the client chooses the degree of adrenaline, sports level or relaxation

We are able to deliver any combination of an incentive event with sailing in order to meet your expectations of a perfect event abroad. Turning your idea into reality is the only thing that matters.

We may offer challenging adrenaline sailing experience including an overnight stay aboard your yacht, but also a social event combined with a stay in luxurious hotels and relaxed cruising and swimming in crystal-clear waters instead of lying on overcrowded beaches.



Czech Republic – Lipno, Slapy, Orlicka or Brněnska Dam

Abroad – Croatia, Greece, Italy, Canary Islands, Mallorca, Caribbean, Seychelles or others

For the purpose of our events in the Czech Republic we have been running a fleet of six excellent one-design sportsboats Melges 24. It gives an opportunity to sail on sportsboats usually sailed by top sailors who take part in the European and World Championships. For more relaxing events we offer events on touristic sailing boats.


Sailing brings its participants closer together and broadens horizons in business as well as in personal life. It is a unique opportunity to spend time on a boat and escape from everyday worries and stereotypes. You can either race, leisurely explore local cuisine or anchor in bays that would otherwise stay hidden from you. The degree of adrenaline, sports level or relaxation is always designed to meet the client‘s requirements.

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Would you like to pull together your team? Would you like to find out who in your team can be entrusted the steering wheel and who can just „scrub the deck“? There is no better place to tell who is a team-player. Empty phrases make no impression here. On a yacht perhaps more than elsewhere the crew has to literally pull on the same rope and you get to know their true selves. Yet, you can also spend a leisure day in a quiet bay, which is certainly a fantastic experience too.

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Family days together with water sports ashore and aboard rank among the most successful as far as „accepted invitations„ or „smiling faces“ are concerned. Treat families of your employees or business partners with a new event format and strengthen up their loyalty and sympathies more than you would probably expect

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A yacht is the best „open-space office“ for a transformation programme of authentic leadership based on experience. Maybe it is time to look into the transformation of individuals or the whole team, unblocking of efficient margins, diversity and team dynamics. Leadership experts identify and remove obstacles leading to an effective cooperation within and between the teams.

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